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We don't know of anyone who's out there trying to go along every part of our approximately 2150km (1330 miles) network of paths just because they are there - it would be a challenge as there's enough public rights of way in the OutdoorsWest area to stretch from Bristol to Casablanca in Morocco. Getting out on any path for a walk, cycle or horse ride is a great thing to do in itself, for exercise, fresh air, or to explore.

But there are many other reasons to use public rights of way. Whether you fancy seeing some wildlife, learning about farming, exploring a city or town, knowing about the history of an area, seeing some beautiful landscapes or taking photos, we'll add more information in this section.

And if you're planning to take kids out for a bit of healthy exercise - we want to help you find things to stimulate them - even educate them. There's a huge variety of children's activities you can download and take with you - start looking on our 'Fun for Kids' page.