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Outdoors fun for kids

If you're planning to take kids out for a bit of healthy exercise, or want some help in keeping them interested on a walk or bike ride, or just having a picnic, you're in the right place. Help children learn about the countryside, or see new things around the city: keep looking around and there's always something new to notice.

On the websites below, you'll find resources for parents, for teachers and for kids. There's activities to print and take with you almost anywhere (city, town or countryside): games to play, art to create, guides for spotting bugs, leaves, flowers, birds or animal tracks, and packs for every season. Find lots of all-important ideas to keep your kids interested and engaged with the world around them!

The Nature Detectives, by the Woodland Trust

"Experience the magic of nature! Free activities and games for kids, families and teachers." The Nature Detectives website and wildlife club run by the Woodland Trust, has a huge amount of resources for children to use.

50 things to do before you're eleven and three-quarters, by the National Trust

"Here's a little secret: the Great Outdoors really is great! It's full of crazy creatures and fantastic adventures. So we've tracked down the 50 coolest outdoor things to do before you're 11¾." Free registration is needed to use this National Trust website.

Wild Schools, by the Avon Wildlife Trust

Mainly directed at resources for primary or secondary schools, but of interest to parents too, there's education resources from the Avon Wildlife Trust. "Information about visting Avon Wildlife Trust centres, about getting free resources, creating a wildlife friendly school and find out about wild places near you."

Free Range Kids - activities for families, by Sustrans

"Whether you're looking for ideas for children's games or advice about planning a walking or cycling trip or even a street party, these activity sheets are a great starting point for helping your family to become more free range."

A wide range of material for families from Sustrans including instructions for traditional games. Elsewhere on their site, information for teachers and groups.

Learning in your Forest [or anywhere], by the Forestry Commission

"A visit to the forest is always fun, and now you can learn something new at the same time! More than half the people in England live within six miles of a Forestry Commission woodland, so find out where your local wood is, and try one of our learning activities while you visit."

Download woodland activities for kids and families from the Forestry Commission.


Kids resources, from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), including 'Early Birds' for the under 6's, and RSPB Pheonix for teenagers from 13.

"If you like birds and wildlife you've come to the right website. These pages are full of fun and facts - so don't waste time, start exploring the site!

If you're a teacher, parent or youth leader, we've included information especially for you on some of the pages."

Wildlife Watch, by the Wildlife Trusts (paid membership for full access to website)

"Wildlife Watch is the junior branch of The Wildlife Trusts and the UK’s leading environmental action club for kids. If you care about nature and the environment and want to explore your local wildlife – this is the club for YOU!

There are 150,000 Wildlife Watch members around the UK (and the Isle of Man and Alderney too) and hundreds of local Watch groups where young people get stuck into environmental activities. Taking part in Wildlife Watch is an exciting way to explore your surroundings and get closer to the wildlife you share it with."


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