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There are over 2,000km of Public Rights of Way criss-crossing Bath & North East Somerset, South Gloucestershire and Bristol, in addition to many permissive paths. This network provides a vast range of opportunities to explore the great outdoors and is also a vital part of the transport infrastructure, helping to reduce the use of private cars.

The Councils who put the OutdoorsWest website together also do a lot behind the scenes to make sure the paths are kept open and easy to use. There are others who have a role in this, for example landowners, volunteers, and all those who use paths.

This Advice and Info section of the website is here if you want to find out more about Public Rights of Way, Access Land and anything else about access to the Outdoors. There's general information under Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's), information for landowners, help if you have a problem you want to report, and information about recording new routes or applying to have existing routes changed.

Find advice and information about outdoors access by following the links on the left. And if there's something you want to know and it's missing here, let us know and we'll see if we can add it for others to see.