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Daylight, tides and rivers

Night and day

Our paths are open day and night – and if you’re comfortable being out just after dark you can often see a revealing world of moths, bats and the hooting of owls. Keep quiet and you could even see foxes and if you're lucky, badgers. And first thing in the morning you can get out in the mist or frost and listen to the dawn chorus, particularly during the spring and early summer. Whether you're planning to be a night owl, morning lark or avoid the darkness – you can find sunrise and sunset times here.


After heavy rain river levels can rise, so take particular care to prevent slipping beside swollen streams, rivers or when crossing fords. There are very few paths that are affected during floods, but you can view current river levels and flood information here on the Environment Agency website.


Again, there aren’t many paths affected by the tides in our area – but, it can make a difference to your view. The Severn Estuary and the River Avon below Bristol can be very different places at high and low tide – as the tide recedes, birds come in to feed at the exposed shore. Just turn up and see what you find, or, look up the tide times here.