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About us - why this website?

OutdoorsWest is a project set up by the Councils in the area, that's Bath & North East Somerset Council, Bristol City Council and South Gloucestershire Council. Whilst we were preparing a Rights of Way Improvment Plan, we were told that people wanted more information, and if there was a website with information on walks, rides and cycle routes they'd use our paths more. So, here's the product.

We know that our paths can take people to nice places, or help them get from A to B. But, we also know they help in other ways, for example:

  • Getting out and about is good for you - exercise in the outdoors, whether gentle or sporty, helps with fitness and mental health - it makes you feel better. Nature and green space has been described as 'as a great outpatient department".
  • People using paths also spend money in local areas, helping local businesses (whether dropping into a pub or cafe, getting lunch in a local shop, or going to a shop to buy some boots).
  • If people use our paths for pleasure, people may walk or cycle more for getting about, getting to work, school, the doctor or anywhere else. If you enjoy walking for pleasure on a Sunday, try finding a nice way to walk to work on Monday, or get off the bus or train early and walk from there.

This isn't just what we think - we've compiled some evidence for why Outdoors Access is so important.

Apart from all this seriousness, it is fun. We hope you make the most of the paths near you - to get more fresh air.