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The Two Tunnels Greenway, Bath

The Two Tunnels Greenway is an amazing new walking and cycling route from Bath through the Devonshire Tunnel, then the mile-long Combe Down Tunnel into the countryside at Midford, open now.

The new walking and cycling path runs through Linear Park to the disused Devonshire tunnel (at Bloomfield), onto Combe Down tunnel, and then over the renovated Tucking Mill viaduct. The path connects Bath to the Midford Valley, following the track-bed of the former Somerset and Dorset Railway.

The new route links into the National Cycle Network and local paths with routes to Radstock and Bournemouth in the south, and the Bristol to Bath walking and cycling route in the west. It also creates a scenic 13-mile loop between Bath and Midford, and back again via the canal towpath, and there's no reason why you can't join it at any point and do a there-and-back-again walk, ride or run (a dry stretch of running on a rainy day!).

Of the two tunnels one, the Devonshire tunnel, is a quarter of a mile in length; the other, the Combe Down tunnel, is just over a mile in length and passes right under the mass of Combe Down. Combe Down tunnel is Britain's longest cycling tunnel.

Both tunnels are lit between 5:00am and 11:00pm every day, and in the Coombe Down tunnel, listen out for some soothing music.

The route is for anyone walking, on a bike, it's for adults, for kids, even on their push-scooters. So when you're using it, and especially as you enter the tunnels, remember to be aware of other users: 'Keep left, keep slow, keep moving'.

For more information:

"How to Find the Two Tunnels Route" on The Two Tunnels Group's website

The Two Tunnels Greenway page on the Sustrans website (a mapping website, may take a little while to open)

The building of the Two Tunnels route was organised by Sustrans, working in partnership with Bath & North East Somerset Council. The Two Tunnels Group originated the project and campaigned for the route, volunteering their efforts from conception of the idea until now.