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This spring on OutdoorsWest

Mar 20

Today is the first day of spring, the spring equinox. At 5:14am this morning as the earth tilted, the sun passed over the equator and will now be above the northern hemisphere until the autumn. Daytime in the UK is now longer than nighttime and each day is about 4 minutes longer than the last.

This weekend, the clocks go forward and on Sunday, sunrise in Bristol will be at 0701 or 7:01am and sunset at 1932 or 7:32pm.

So, now’s the time to start planning what you might do outside with that extra sunlight. At OutdoorsWest, we’re here to help, and we’ve got some tips on how to get out and get some fresh air.

At the moment, we’re testing a new map and route system, where you’re going to be able to search for and download routes to walk, ride or cycle on. This will be a huge enhancement of the mapping system we already use. We’ve been working with our partners who’ve developed their own routes, and with volunteers who have been compiling and plotting these routes, ready for you to download and explore.

So, keep your eyes on the website, sign up to our mailing list, Facebook page or twitter feed and we’ll keep you in touch as we add new routes for you to explore.

This summer’s going to be good for exploring the OutdoorsWest area!

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