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Bristol's first ever Green Volunteers Fair this Saturday

Mar 21

If you’ve ever fancied getting involved with a spot of community gardening, caring for the animals at a city farm, or helping to spread the word about recycling, Bristol’s first ever Green Volunteers Fair this weekend has everything you need to find out more.

The free event is taking place at the Folk House on Park Street, this Saturday from 10am to 3pm. Visitors can speak to a whole host of environmental organisations from around the city, who will be showcasing their existing projects and hoping to sign up new volunteers.

Organisations taking part include Greenpeace Bristol, Golden Hill Garden, Bristol Civic Society, Windmill Hill City Farm, Bristol’s BIG Green Week, the Festival of Nature, Resource Futures and Feed Bristol.

As well as browsing the numerous stalls and activities taking place, visitors can enjoy live music being put on by local volunteer musicians Eric Arthur, a New Orleans piano player, Vicki Burke on harp and vocals, and the Silvertortoise.

Organiser of the event, Savita Custead, said: "There is already an amazing amount of volunteer work going on around the city amongst our many environmental organisations and a great level of enthusiasm from people looking to get involved. Holding a Green Volunteers Fair seemed like the ideal way of showcasing the organisations’ work and making it easy for potential volunteers to see what they would like to help with. But even if visitors don’t want to sign up as volunteers at the moment, we would still urge them to come along and just see for themselves some of the fantastic projects that are going on."

Leader of the council, Cllr Barbara Janke, said: "We set up the Green Volunteers scheme last year as a way of harnessing all that energy and enthusiasm that we know is out there and bringing it together to create an effective green taskforce to help work on some of the environmental and sustainability issues in our communities.

"For anyone who’s even contemplating doing a bit of volunteer work in their spare time, the Green Volunteers Fair should provide them with all the information they need, and inspire them to get involved with one of the many interesting and worthwhile projects out there."

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